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Where 'Just a Card' can lead...

Stephanie Szakalo

Today is #JustACardDay. Read how one of our artists inspired a whole new range for us (& found a buyer) with 'just a card'...

I was at my first ever private view with the Paragon Gallery, Cheltenham, chatting to the wife of another artist (@DavidFosterArt) – see the photo of me posing with my work before I went out! She spotted the original of white roses in a syrup tin ('How Sweet') and said, “That’d be perfect for the Pudding Club Hotel – they have themed rooms based on puddings, including golden syrup!”.


So, when I got home, instead of just opening wine, I actually wrote this down on my to-do list.

Luckily for me Best of British Art publish some of my artwork as cards (see pic below, and you can buy them here…), including the syrup tin, so I duly wrote a note in one and sent it to the owner of @PuddingClub  Initially, there was no reply – but it’d been worth a punt! Then, after a while I received an email saying thank you, and that she’d kept my card (and been distracted by a recent family wedding). Although we exchanged some info on my artwork nothing happened until a year and a half later when she rang to ask about that very image again!



In the meantime, Best of British Art had sold the original (here it is being unwrapped in New York on Christmas morning!)…


But the Pudding Club had re-vamped recently and wanted something to brighten up the ladies’ loo! After some frantic photoshopping and phone calls to the printers, we came up with these lovely 50cm square box canvas prints (see below, available here…) which the hotel duly bought three of - should you ever visit do check them out! Just shows you the potential of #justacard