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Artists Wanted!

Stephanie Szakalo

I used to play ‘spot the artist’ when managing a gallery in Cheltenham around ten years ago… they would often walk in and around quicker, make more eye-contact, and stand much closer to the pictures, than the average punter. After a bit of ice-breaking chat, the inevitable ‘I’m an artist…’ would come out, along with the photos/portfolio of work. I always tried to be empathetic because approaching a gallery with your work for the first time is daunting; putting your inner world out for judgement.


Often, their confidence exceeded their artistic ability, and I quickly realised (in those days, pre smart phone) never judge a work just from a photo. My ears always pricked up, however, when clients mentioned ‘my friend is an artist’. Painters and creators who would ‘rather curl up and die’ than cold-call into a gallery were often the best, and many of these talented gems were revealed to us through the passionate friends and relatives whose enthusiasm spoke volumes.


And so, we at Best of British Art, are asking you to recommend a friend – someone you know to be a gifted, creative maker, so we can grow our portfolio of work and share the love across our network. Artists reading this... whilst calling into a gallery might not be your style, an email's easier, so drop us a line.

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