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Mouthwatering Colour

Stephanie Szakalo

Our second 'Artist Interview', this time with  Sonja Denbury ... painter of the mouthwatering 'Tom Tom' (above).

Our second 'Artist Interview', this time with Sonja Denbury... painter of the mouthwatering 'Tom Tom' (above).


What Inspired your Collection?

Inspiration comes from not only being by the sea but also by hard, bold marine engineering shapes.  Also inspired simply by colour combinations from any source, to be used for work created from scratch rather than from photographic base.

How long does it take from your initial idea to the finished thing?

VERY variable!  Some creative ideas just have to be put down immediately, and I find that those flow well, and do not improve by being ‘worked on’.

Can you tell us more about the process that you go through?

Some of my digital prints evolve from my own photographs.  I have little photographic technical skill but use the camera simply as a tool to capture the shapes and forms that inspire my work.

How does it feel to be one of BOBA’s artists?


What’s coming up over the next months?

I would like to know.

Sonja's 'Tom Tom' image is available here:

Sonja creates fine art prints of images abstracted from her own photographic work. She trained and worked as a Therapy Radiographer in various London teaching hospitals. She then moved to South Africa and lived there for nine years. She worked partly in artistic environments with black South Africans, and partly in business.

For many years she has been influenced by visiting modern art galleries such as Tate Modern, MOMA, and the Guggenheims in New York and Bilbao. She is also influenced by the artistic community in St Ives. She lived in West Penwith for several years.