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Behind The Scenes with artist Karen Mortimore

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Behind The Scenes with artist Karen Mortimore

Stephanie Szakalo

We're very excited to be able to share the artist interviews that we've been working hard on over the last few weeks. This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Karen Mortimore , Karen creates art in many different styles, paints to commission and also works closely with a Consulting business. 


What inspired your BOBA collection?

I always love painting flowers – anything naturally beautiful is a pleasure (and usually makes a more successful painting for me anyway). But the tins weren’t actually my idea… a good friend who has a great eye for trends and stylish things suggested I paint some blooms in a golden syrup tin. Another good friend who is a chef gave me an empty tin (I don’t bake) and the series of paintings was born. I knew we were onto a winner when a leading gallery in Cheltenham said yes to these pics.


How long does one of these paintings take you?

People often ask me ‘how long do they take’, which is such a tricky thing to answer. The floral images actually have five layers of acrylic paint on them (thin layers, used almost like watercolour) and painted on oil painting paper – which has a texture a bit like canvas. I have to say I was thrilled when I saw the quality of BOBA’s limited edition prints of my work. They look almost better than the originals.

Another thing I noticed when hobnobbing at a gallery private view of my work was people’s personal association with the tins… all these stories came out of so-and-so’s granny having the mustard tin, or their fondness (or not!) of Marmite. This is very pleasing to see; when personal connections are made with something you’ve created. Unlike a lot of artists, I really enjoy painting to commission – realising someone’s particular passion on paper makes an amazingly special gift.


Which is your favourite of the BoBA images?

Definitely the large peonies painting which I’m secretly hoping no-one buys the original of as I love it.


How do you feel about being one of BOBA’s artists?

Delighted! They are a pleasure to deal with and I’ve been involved with the company since the beginning, so it feels like family to me.


What’s next for you in the coming months?

Very excitingly I’ve had some illustrations published in a book, which is due out in July, so we shall be promoting that.. and I might paint some horses to go with the equestrian sport theme.


Thank you so much to Karen for taking the time to chat to us.

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