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The Old Potato Yard, Lydeway
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SN10 3PU

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Your special place...

Stephanie Szakalo

One of our artists, Karen Mortimore, often works to commission. Here she explains the process and why it needn’t be scary as you might think…

“Asking people to pay upfront for something they can’t see is quite an ask! But in my experience, it can turn out spectacularly well and gives you the chance of creating unique, long-lasting impact – a piece which brings joy, day after day, for years”.

With her background as a gallery manager, Karen has many years of experience dealing with artists and clients, arranging commissioned work. At Best of British Art, we are delighted to be able to offer her very own abstracts as a style which you can commission. Working from photos and colour references, Karen can create an original painting, unique to you, of your or a loved one’s favourite place.

“The first proper abstract I ever painted was of my favourite home-town view on the Malvern Hills. I’d wanted to paint it for ages, and had a massive 30” x 48” canvas all ready – primed with purple, because apparently Monet used to do this under his landscapes sometimes, especially when using green a lot”.

“I also had a yearning to use ordinary house paint brushes, and to ‘let go’ of the outcome for once!”

“My regular practise of painting outside, directly from nature, really helped with this process – my brain instinctively knew where the paint should go. It was a bit of a risk using such a mix of bright colours though… normally I am way duller!!”

“I’ve done lots of commissioned painting over the years, in many different styles and mediums – see my website for photos – but I find these abstracts extremely fun to do!”

In the run up to Christmas, a lot of time can be wasted searching and a lot of money spent on the wrong gift. How about commissioning the perfect present? Karen will happily work to a specific colour reference, size, and your own photos.

As a guide to price, a 24” x 24” box canvas would cost around £550 to commission, but do contact us to find out more – or click on the link below: